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“Attention to all my Clients past Present and Future

As a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cellectrologist,  and Mind/Body Reprogramer, I spend a lot of time on Mind, Brain, and Body Cell Brain, Operation Researches, which have produced Highly Successful, lasting, Hypnotherapy, Results.  Also In my Clinical Practice I often receive requests from clients who have suffered various incapacitating body injuries, to ask their Mind to heal their Injury areas and have developed Specialised Cellular Reprogramming Therapies to achieve Startling Hypnotic Healing, Physical Results, in these body areas.

NEW – “The Dangers of Vaping”


“Light Field Reprogramming”


So for those of you readers of this article that wish to change their Lives and maintain those changes for the better.

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Who Owns Your Mind


To help you achieve and maintain the above, I have recently designed, and successfully tested, my latest Epigenetic Cellular DNA Reprogramming.

This can produce amazing  Self Empowering and Lasting  Positive Results, and not just Mentally but Physically.

44Clinical Hypnotic Life Reprogramming the “No 1. Process” that can Help Life.

On this site I offer a number of cutting edge Mind Reprogramming Technologies and Therapies, and in the articles and notes section of My Site you will find Information on Many New Ways of successfully running you’re most Precious Possessions your Mind, Brain, Body, Life, and Life Circumstances.

*results may vary from person to person

hypnoThis a Major Mind/Brain/Cellular Therapy Breakthrough.

You already know that your Brain follows  the commands, whether Thought or  Spoken, you give from your Mind. But did you Know that each of the 37.2 Trillion Cells (University Estimate) also have a Brain that is directed by your Master Brain.  So what  commands did you give Your Cells today?  Were Your commands helpful  or detrimental to your Body and Desired Success in Your Life and Life Circumstances?

How would Your Life Change for the Better if you could change the Program’s in Your 37.2 Trillion body Cells.

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hypno2WOW !  This is the latest Designer Therapy from the mind of Master Hypnotic Programmer John Moynihan.    So what is it?

Mind Tweaking is an extremely efficient, fast, Cost Affordable Mind/Brain Reprogramming Process, which uses Short, Hi Intensity, and Designer Hypnotic Programming Sessions, to beneficially access a client’s Mind/Brain history files and make virtually Instant history changes.

Sessions usually only take half an hour although they can be extended to an hour if the clients problems require extra time.

This cuts down client cost and make sessions extremely affordable.




Over my many years as a practicing Clinical Hypnotic Programmer, and Mind Operation Researcher, my Designer Mind Reprogramming therapies have helped thousands of clients become Successfully free from an enormous variety of Mind/Brain/Body Mental/Physical and Life Circumstance Problems.

Naturally as a Mind Programmer and Researcher I am constantly fine tuning and further developing New mind/brain operation models that fit in with the very latest scientific developments.

If over time You or Your mind have misplaced or lessened Your desired programming outcomes, realize Your previous Clinical Therapy can never be lost, it can always be Retrieved, Enhanced, Modified and Upgraded with the very latest Self Replicating and Self Adapting therapies. Often it only needs a little Therapy Tweak to restore, compliment, maintain, and further advance any desires.

My new Mind/Brain operation model and the latest therapies, and Self Programming tools I have developed from this mind/brain model are all Self Replicating (like my Smoking Cessation Process that has a 5 Year Backup Guarantee and which I consider to be among the Top Smoking Processes available on the Planet)

Therapy Upgrades and Tune Ups with the latest Mind Programming technologies are achieved at a minimal cost and are producing amazing and results for my NZ and International clients who take advantage of this service.

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“News Flash”

Scientists find secret of reversing bad memories
Bad memories could be reversed after scientists discovered
the part of the brain which links emotions to past events



I’ve been Successfully doing this for about the last 15 Years.

Its called “Life Reprogramming”   ….READ MORE

jm01Have a Desire to Stop Smoking.
Desire to Reduce Body Weight and keep it off.
Desire to find and keep a Loving Relationship.
Desire Assisted Recovery from Illness/Injury
Desire Freedom from depression You.
Desire a Calmer Relaxed You.
Desire a Wealthier You
Desire a Healthier You.
Desire a Happier You.
Desire a Winning You.
Desire an Attractive You.
Desire a More Confident You.
Desire a More Self Loving You.
Desire a Magnetic Vibrant You.
Desire Increased Business and Sales.
Desire Enhanced Sport Performance.
Desire More Success in Any Life Area

All these Desires and countless others can be achieved with the help of the Specialized
Mind Reprogramming Technologies available from this site.
John Moynihan has been Successfully Helping people achieve their Desires for over Thirty Years.

Your Desire is only a Phone Call or an  E-Mail away.

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*result may vary from person to person