This is the latest Designer Therapy from the mind of Master Hypnotic Programmer John Moynihan.

So what is it?

Mind Tweaking is an extremely efficient, fast, Cost Affordable Mind/Brain Reprograming Process, which uses Short, Hi Intensity, and Designer Hypnotic Programing Sessions, to beneficially access a client’s Mind/Brain history files and make virtually Instant history changes.

Sessions usually only take half an hour although they can be extended to an hour if the clients problems require extra time.

This cuts down client cost and make sessions extremely affordable.

Now Get this. The Mind Tweak Therapy can virtually Help any client whether they have been to see John previously or are first time clients because it can easily access any past recorded Mind/Brain program and change and or reactivate this program to produce desired present and future results.

For Example: Fear Tweaks can cancel fears through time from their original cause, and replace that fear history with fearlessness seeded from that original cause, to produce a fearless history for their old problem and thus and ongoing fearless backed positive outcome in their present and future.

Even more exciting is that any previous therapy from any source, including the positive or negative results experienced through time results, from that past therapy, from any source, can be Tweaked to erase any negative effects and instead produce ongoing, past based, Positive effects in clients Present and Future history.

This could also extend to necessary medications that have, or might produce, unwanted side effects being Mind Tweaked so that the client can take the medication and reap its desired positive benefits without negative side effects sabotaging the medications benefits.  from Mind Tweak Therapy.

Listed below are a number of possible benefits that could be easily obtained from “Mind Tweak Therapy”.

Fast Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Tweaks. Support Tweaks. Sport Playing Enhancement Tweaks. Medical Tweaks. Stress, Anxiety and Panic Relief Tweaks. Confidence Tweaks. Love Tweaks.

Most other Problems listed on this site can also be tweaked to produce further fast, ongoing positive, Client Benefits . In fact any problem can be further beneficially positively Tweaked.

Note: Mind Therapy Tweaking is designed as a fast cost effective Therapy Support system. Therefore it does not replace the other Necessarily more Intensive therapies listed on this site, but it can provide fast, further support, so as to further add to the successful results produced by the other Therapeutic Change Technologies listed on this site.

Please feel free to call or mail John for more information about your specific problem or problems, and how they could be best attended to with the fast, cost effective, Mind Tweak Therapy.

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