Self Empowering and Lasting  Positive Results

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to all my friends on Facebook.

May you all live longer, Healthy, Prosperous, Lives.

To help you achieve and maintain the above, I have recently designed, and successfully tested, my latest Epigenetic Cellular DNA Reprogramming.

This can produce amazing  Self Empowering and Lasting  Positive Results, and not just Mentally but Physically.

It can be particularly helpful if you are experiencing frustrating repetitive problems despite your best efforts to overcome them.

These could be the ones that fail to respond to the various treatment forms your using and remain active or reoccur.

The Probably Main Reason for this is because your Mind/Brain and Trillions of Body Cell Brains all have computer like operating systems just like your Laptop, and all your Thoughts and Words, (Words are spoken Thoughts) are faithfully recorded and followed as commands.

The problem with our operating systems is, that like your laptop your words and thoughts are not recorded logically but literally, and our languages are based on Taught Logic.

Now there is nothing wrong with our Logic Based Language Systems except that your Bio Computer Brain and Trillions of Cell Brains cannot fully safely operate on a logic system. “Why” Because logic makes assumptions. “I hate being Overweight” Means you should be successfully larger and hate it.

Your Inner Mind Operating Systems which include your Autonomic Nervous System, the system that is keeping you breathing right now , and keeps you alive while your sleeping.  It cannot “know what you mean” or hope or wish etc., it faithfully follows your Genetic Programming, Plus every thought that you think , and the words you speak.

So thoughts and words that you think and speak logically can be interpreted, and taken literally despite your personal meanings you assign to them, and here is where lies the greatest problem for humanity.

E.G.: “Ill fail” Mind/Brain operating system Response “You should successfully fail”  “Nothing ever goes right for me etc.” Response: “Things should go wrong in some fashion, so they do” “ A Worrier is even more successfully unfortunate as they are mostly unknowingly Instructing their System to repetitively  produce some Detrimental to Self,  usually unwanted results:  Your present states of mind, Your Health, Your quality of Life, even Your longevity depends on Your operating system.  You and only You Control your Mind  with your thinking and speaking .

Therefore because “You can Choose to Think and Speak any way you choose“  You are the operator of Your Mind/Brain/Body Systems’’.

Note: This article doesn’t just apply to Mind Problems, but Physical Body Problems, Injuries, Sickness, etc. .  If you understand and apply the knowledge in this article you can knowingly, Self Awarely, operate your Mind /Brain/Body systems, and  can enjoy a Long, Healthy,Prosperous, Life.

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