Who Owns Your Mind -Part One

Who Owns Your Mind – Part One

From: John Moynihan Internationally Qualified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cellectrologist,

Bio Light Field Researcher.  Specialising in Mind Re Programming, & Design Human Engineering.

This is a Helpful Message for all friends and their friends who desire to develop their Personal Power, and how to apply this force for the control and betterment of their life circumstances.

Without exception in the realms of Mind Operation, Everybody has Untapped Powers, but if you fail to know you have them and more importantly how to successfully apply and keep them, you can lack their benefits.

There are only two types of people on this planet. Those who Know how to release, direct, and utilize their Mind Force for their ongoing desired benefits, and to those who fail to know, and as a result Unknowingly apply their Mind Force, to their often continuing, detriments as a victim of self.

The Universal Mind Forces that are everyone’s birth right, whether they know about them and how to apply them or not is irrevalent, Why!  Because They are Totally Neutral.

So, let’s look at the Human Mind/Brain/Cellular Brain Structure.

Every Human has the same Mind/Brain/Cellular Brain setup. Male or Female, regardless of race, or circumstances, your Lives, your Health, your Wealth, your Happiness, your Successes, are always the result of your Mind/Brain/Cellular Programming.

I can’t state this enough.  From Your Minds perspective there are No Right or Wrong Results.

Your Mind and Brain systems are Fool Proof Devices.  They always give you what you request.

Problems arise because their Owners think they told their Mind to do this or that and it didn’t work.

Or it produced the opposite to their desired results.

This can lead to the

“Nothing ever works for Me” command, and sure enough this is their Successful Unwanted Result.

Your Mind/Brain/Cell Brain Systems are Fail Safe, but you can’t work them unless you understand their operating systems and how to successfully operate them.

It appears the Human Races are set up to struggle to succeed, but those who persistently know they will succeed often do.

Think of it this way.  Most of us have compulsions that via Mind/Brain operations produce unwanted results and to avoid or escape these Undesired Results you need Extensive Information or Training to avoid them, and produce your Desired Results.

So, we need a different way of Mind/Brain Operation.

Think of it this way most of us have some form of computers which are modelled on extremely basic brain operation.  Now we are entering the world of Robots which are modelled on a Human body with a computer brain and electronic circuitry, and we possibly think we can’t advance our race without their help and become dependant on them for survival.  However, the point is they will all at some point require input from self to operate successfully.

So, the point is a Robot will require your operating systems to operate their operating systems, and here it is 2018 this New Year and very few people have the realization they all have the most Brilliant Operating Systems all built into their Brain/Body and Cellular Brain Systems.  Further it’s this lack of realization and how to use and apply this Crucial Knowledge that is the major cause of All Positive and Negative Life Experiences Both Personally, and for All the Races of Man and Womankind.

So, what’s missing from our lives.  The answers are Simple.  Most people if not all, haven’t been trained, (and it’s not your Mind/Brain/Body Systems (They are Perfect) it’s You the operator that hasn’t been taught) to know, and how to utilize and operate, your most brilliant Mind brain/body/Systems. Further the Human is not the problem, the Human System is perfection for human life, so it must be you the Operator whose beliefs and training are misusing their Mind/Brain Systems.

The results of these lacks Human System operation knowledge are Horrendous for all life on this planet.  Disease, Injuries, Unhappiness, Accidents, Limitations, Wrong Choices, Relationships, Early Death, Negative Genetic Programs, you name it.  Of course, there is also every Opposite Positive. Health, wealth, Happiness, Longevity, and every form of Success, Right Choice, and Achievement of Desires to name a few.

However, it’s the keeping and expanding of these Successes that is most desired.

Further it is most fortunate that we all have an Autonomic Operating System that runs endlessly night and day and keeps us alive especially while we sleep and usually can’t unknowingly interfere with our body operation. However, this system is also knowingly or unknowingly under our control and can be interfered with and cause problems.  Fortunately, when we sleep it goes back to its prolonging life, so we wake alive and refreshed in most cases.

So, lets think about this.  Why is it that Sleep (for most) allows one to wake refreshed and energised each day?  What’s the difference in your operating systems between your body being asleep or awake. The answer is simple.  Its your Mind or Consciousness States. When your asleep your Conscious or Aware Mind shuts down and your Unconscious Mind takes control and keeps you body alive via your Autonomic Nervous Operating System. This means that while you are sleeping you mostly don’t interfere with your Unconscious Mind operation of your Autonomic System.

So, the Problems that beset Human Existence must mostly arise from Your Use of your Conscious or Awake Mind and You, and only You, (Know it or Not) because you can always choose to think and speak anyway you like are as a result “Totally Responsible for Your Minds Operation and the results ”

Ask Yourself this question. “Who owns my Mind” To achieve the most truthful answer ask: “Who is choosing to Think or Ask this Question”.  Why.  Because there is only one true answer to this Question and this is “I Am” So if you are to Think/Speak some Thought You are the Chooser, and You and Only You, are responsible for that choice and its Positive or Negative Results.

Now ask self a second most important question.  “Can I choose to think anyway I like”. Again, the answer must be “I Am”

Now for the Third Question. So, bearing in Mind that You can choose to Think or Speak any way You choose and are always responsible for these choices of thought and speech and their results.

Ask: “Who owns My Mind Operating System”.  There is only one answer, and its not your Parents or your Partner, or the Government, or any other. The Answer Is: “I Do”

When you Know and Understand the above Mind Operation Information you are on the True Path to Mind/Body “Self-Empowerment”.  Why! Because the Operation of your Mind controls your Body “Light Field” and your Light Field doesn’t just control and direct your body health and longevity it also projects out from you and controls your life circumstances.

Your “Light Field” attracts your Partners, your wealth, your Happiness and Enjoyment, everything you experience in your life is the result of instructions you have Knowingly or Unknowingly given your Mind/Body Systems via your Thoughts and Words, and the resultant frequency changes that knowingly or unknowingly you created, and will Create in the Light Fields that are the framework of not only your Physical Body but Your In Body Existence

Therefore, it is Extremely Important that you Understand and apply the information in this article if you desire to be fully in control of your life.

Just a note Regarding Robots. Perhaps after reading and understanding this article you can Realise that You are the Operator of Your Physical Mind/Body Systems described in this article.  Therefore, as such You already own the Most Powerful Bio Robot and its Mind/Brain/Body Operating Systems. It’s just that somewhere, somehow, someone, Lost, or failed to pass on, Your In Body Operating Manuel. This article is part of Your Mind/Body Operation Manuel

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