“Light Field Reprogramming”

“Attention to all my Clients past Present and Future

As a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cellectrologist,  and Mind/Body Reprogramer, I spend a lot of time on Mind, Brain, and Body Cell Brain, Operation Researches, which have produced Highly Successful, lasting, Hypnotherapy, Results.  Also In my Clinical Practice I often receive requests from clients who have suffered various incapacitating body injuries, to ask their Mind to heal their Injury areas and have developed Specialised Cellular Reprogramming Therapies to achieve Startling Hypnotic Healing, Physical Results, in these body areas.

Their is a Quote from the renowned Scientist and Light Field researcher Nicolai Tesla, that says “ If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, study “Frequency and Light” So I have followed His advice and  developed and Successfully Tested an Exciting, New Therapy, I call  “Light Field Reprogramming”.

Further I also found that if I added “Light Field Reprogramming” to my Successful Existing Therapies it could further vastly improve their effective results. So what is “Light Field Reprogramming

Every Living Thing on this Planet including Including Plants Animals Birds Humans has a formative Light Frequency Field. How do I know this? Well apart from this being a scientific fact, Some years ago when I was training in Hypnotherapy and Mind Reprogramming I purchased an aura camera for my researches.  By experimenting with this camera I noticed that if I had a client I was photographing think Negatively the photo frequency was dark colour but if I then said I think you might win Lotto and took a second photo, the camera produced a brilliant Yellow.  So what the camera was telling me was, that your Thinking or Speaking Positively or Negatively could instantly change Your Body Light Field Frequency.  Many Years later when I was researching Mind Body Cellular communication and how a person could Positively or Negatively affect their Health and Wellbeing by their thoughts and words it came to me that it wasn’t just Negative Thinking that had to Change, it was  the Light Field Frequency Records from around round their body and individual body cells that was formed from their past negative thoughts and words, that had to be changed. Further When the Light Field Frequency was changed it had to be maintained in its New Healing Health States. Fortunately I had already developed an Automatic Self Replicating Reprogramming that I have successfully used for numerous years for smoking cessation with a 5 Year Backup which can accomplish this.

So for those of you readers of this article that wish to change their Lives and maintain those changes for the better. Call Me at my Clinic on 04 5285429 or 021421043. and Merry Christmas and Highly Successful New Year to you all.

As Usual My Clinic will be open over Christmas/New Year, and holidays.

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