Many Years ago I Designed my No 1. Smoking Cessation Process which I comes with a 5 Year Backup. (3 other sessions up to 5 Years) This Process has Successfully stopped Thousands of all types of Smoking, and continues to regularly do so. Recently a New, possibly even Greater danger to Lung Health has arrived, Sneaking in under the guise of Harmless Water. This process comes with the catchy name known as “Vaping”..

Now the Intentions of Vaping are to provide a safe way for the Tobacco Smoker to break the Tobacco Smoking habit and has had many successes in achieving this goal. However unfortunately, there is a Dark Downside to Breathing In Water.

This is more commonly known as Drowning. Further There many additives and chemicals that can be added to the water that the Vaper Breathes In. Colours, Smells, and others to make the Water being breathed in seem more attractive. Of cause, there is nothing wrong with drinking water, our bodies contain large volumes of water and need to replenish our water balances often. Indeed we would have a problem if we failed to maintain our bodies water requirements, but Vaping was not intended so that the Human Lung constantly live in the conditions, breathing in water vapers that in the past could best be described as a human living in a Swamp or a Miner working underground in a Dripping Wet Mine with many damp water Related Ills, or a person Drowning.

So if not already, there could be many future Health and Lung Problems from replacing Smoking with seemingly harmless Water Breathing or Vaping, and now I am being asked to Cancel Clients Vaping Habits as well as their original Smoking habits which I am happy to do so. Thanks for Reading this I hope it is of help to many people.

John Moynihan
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. Human Engineer.