About Us

Qualifications:  My Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Reprogramming experience is vast and covers many different therapy fields and skills.

I am a Certified Lymphologist, Cellectrologist, Kinesiologist, Metaphysician, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neurolinguistic Programmer. Mind Trainer, Design Human Engineer, Sales Persuasion Engineer, and Mind/Body/Cellular, & Energy Field Researcher.

I have Internationally Trained and Qualified in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.  My Trainers Include Dr Richard Bandler, one of the Fathers of Neurolinguistic Programming, John J La-Valle, Dr Robert Wise, Ericsonian Hypnosis.Gil Boyne, Founder American Council of Hypnotherapy Examiners, The Brilliant Master Hypnotist and Trainer Ormond McGill, and many others.

I have Presented many courses and Trained many Students in Hypnotherapy, Cellular Hypnosis, Mind Power, Mind Reprogramming, Metaphysics, Self Reprogramming and many other Mind Related and Body Bio Field subjects.

I have been a regular presenter on Talkback Radio, given various groups lectures and written and published various articles including in NZ Woman’s Weekly. I also continue to give talks and trainings on the new Mind/Brain and Cellular operational and Body Field interactions and how to successfully reprogram them.

I received a Special Recognition Award for an Outstanding Presentation on “Mind Retraining” from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, presented by Executive Director Gil Boyne at the 1992 International Hypnotherapy Conference in Anaheim California USA.

Products I have invented include Stress Stars©, “Mind Power Beads” which have been quite popular including in the USA and have recently been upgraded to my latest product the  “Self Reprogramming Beads” with Hypnotically Installed Self Replicating, Brain Software. (These replace the old Self Hypnosis Trainings) and the successful “IU2 © Negative Program Erasure, Positive Replacement” System.

Both of the above systems require clinical Brain Installation of automatic Time Distortion, and Multiple Self Replication Brain Bio Software. I can also install these Brain Software processes for clients on Line or by Phone.

For more information about the above products eMail Me.  vortexc@xtra.co.nz

DVD Products Include “Mind Slim” Weight Reduction and “No. 1.Smoking Cessation”.  (This Designer Smoking Cessation Process which I created about 30 Years ago has proven so effective that I give my clinical Clients a 5 Year backup Guarantee).  At a conservative estimate, this Smoking Cessation Process has stopped over15,000 persons smoking) If it was Produced for TV it could possibly allow most of the viewers in a country who desired to stop smoking Permanent Smoking Cessation.

Persons often ask me “What is a Clinical Hypnotic Mind Reprogrammer” and the answer I give is a highly skilled multiple modality Clinical Therapist who Harmonizes with each Client needs and has the necessary mind technologies to give that Client their desired Mind, Brain, and Body Cells changes, so they continue to enjoy a happy, healthy, ongoing enjoyably successful, life.

For More Information on Mind Reprogramming and the various Unique Therapies I Offer

eMail Me.  vortexc@xtra.co.nz

The following is an Important Message for Clients.

Over my many years as a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, Mind Reprogrammer, Researcher, and Trainer, I have studied modified, adapted and successfully applied, many types of Wisdom, Science and Beliefs about Mind Brain Body and Beyond (see list of trainings).

Long ago in my therapist career I realized that there were Major Flaws In our collective belief systems about how to successfully continue to run our Mind Brain Body and lives. These Flaws speak for themselves.  It is not that we did anything wrong we just like our parents learned and mostly followed our teachings and rules and slowly evolved as society’s into our present both inner and outer worlds.  However Ask Yourself this simple Question.

Why is it that often when one try’s to change or overcome some Fear, or Life Problem in any life area say health, wealth, happiness, love, relationships, healing, or whatever, ( You Name It ) It is often a struggle or the situation worsens which then can lead to cycles of Frustration Anger Depression and other Negative Results that take great and persistent efforts to overcome an escape from?  It has long been known that if a person Thinks what they have always Thought, and Does what they have always Done, they will usually achieve the same results.  The answers for you to Overcome limitations and Problems and More successfully achieve and maintain your desires can possibly be found  for you, in the Therapies, Mind Technologies, and Mind /Brain Understandings and . Operational Trainings on this Web Site.

Call John:  International: 64 4 528 5429. NZ: 04 528 5429.