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Many Years ago I Designed my No 1. Smoking Cessation Process which I comes with a 5 Year Backup. (3 other sessions up to 5 Years) This Process has Successfully stopped Thousands of all types of Smoking, and continues to regularly do so. Recently a New, possibly even Greater danger to Lung Health has arrived, Sneaking in under the guise of Harmless Water. This process comes with the catchy name known as “Vaping”..

Now the Intentions of Vaping are to provide a safe way for the Tobacco Smoker to break the Tobacco Smoking habit and has had many successes in achieving this goal. However unfortunately, there is a Dark Downside to Breathing In Water.

This is more commonly known as Drowning. Further There many additives and chemicals that can be added to the water that the Vaper Breathes In. Colours, Smells, and others to make the Water being breathed in seem more attractive. Of cause, there is nothing wrong with drinking water, our bodies contain large volumes of water and need to replenish our water balances often. Indeed we would have a problem if we failed to maintain our bodies water requirements, but Vaping was not intended so that the Human Lung constantly live in the conditions, breathing in water vapers that in the past could best be described as a human living in a Swamp or a Miner working underground in a Dripping Wet Mine with many damp water Related Ills, or a person Drowning.

So if not already, there could be many future Health and Lung Problems from replacing Smoking with seemingly harmless Water Breathing or Vaping, and now I am being asked to Cancel Clients Vaping Habits as well as their original Smoking habits which I am happy to do so. Thanks for Reading this I hope it is of help to many people.

John Moynihan
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. Human Engineer.

“Light Field Reprogramming”

“Attention to all my Clients past Present and Future

As a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cellectrologist,  and Mind/Body Reprogramer, I spend a lot of time on Mind, Brain, and Body Cell Brain, Operation Researches, which have produced Highly Successful, lasting, Hypnotherapy, Results.  Also In my Clinical Practice I often receive requests from clients who have suffered various incapacitating body injuries, to ask their Mind to heal their Injury areas and have developed Specialised Cellular Reprogramming Therapies to achieve Startling Hypnotic Healing, Physical Results, in these body areas.

Their is a Quote from the renowned Scientist and Light Field researcher Nicolai Tesla, that says “ If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, study “Frequency and Light” So I have followed His advice and  developed and Successfully Tested an Exciting, New Therapy, I call  “Light Field Reprogramming”.

Further I also found that if I added “Light Field Reprogramming” to my Successful Existing Therapies it could further vastly improve their effective results. So what is “Light Field Reprogramming

Every Living Thing on this Planet including Including Plants Animals Birds Humans has a formative Light Frequency Field. How do I know this? Well apart from this being a scientific fact, Some years ago when I was training in Hypnotherapy and Mind Reprogramming I purchased an aura camera for my researches.  By experimenting with this camera I noticed that if I had a client I was photographing think Negatively the photo frequency was dark colour but if I then said I think you might win Lotto and took a second photo, the camera produced a brilliant Yellow.  So what the camera was telling me was, that your Thinking or Speaking Positively or Negatively could instantly change Your Body Light Field Frequency.  Many Years later when I was researching Mind Body Cellular communication and how a person could Positively or Negatively affect their Health and Wellbeing by their thoughts and words it came to me that it wasn’t just Negative Thinking that had to Change, it was  the Light Field Frequency Records from around round their body and individual body cells that was formed from their past negative thoughts and words, that had to be changed. Further When the Light Field Frequency was changed it had to be maintained in its New Healing Health States. Fortunately I had already developed an Automatic Self Replicating Reprogramming that I have successfully used for numerous years for smoking cessation with a 5 Year Backup which can accomplish this.

So for those of you readers of this article that wish to change their Lives and maintain those changes for the better. Call Me at my Clinic on 04 5285429 or 021421043. and Merry Christmas and Highly Successful New Year to you all.

As Usual My Clinic will be open over Christmas/New Year, and holidays.

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Who Owns Your Mind -Part One

Who Owns Your Mind – Part One

From: John Moynihan Internationally Qualified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cellectrologist,

Bio Light Field Researcher.  Specialising in Mind Re Programming, & Design Human Engineering.

This is a Helpful Message for all friends and their friends who desire to develop their Personal Power, and how to apply this force for the control and betterment of their life circumstances.

Without exception in the realms of Mind Operation, Everybody has Untapped Powers, but if you fail to know you have them and more importantly how to successfully apply and keep them, you can lack their benefits.

There are only two types of people on this planet. Those who Know how to release, direct, and utilize their Mind Force for their ongoing desired benefits, and to those who fail to know, and as a result Unknowingly apply their Mind Force, to their often continuing, detriments as a victim of self.

The Universal Mind Forces that are everyone’s birth right, whether they know about them and how to apply them or not is irrevalent, Why!  Because They are Totally Neutral.

So, let’s look at the Human Mind/Brain/Cellular Brain Structure.

Every Human has the same Mind/Brain/Cellular Brain setup. Male or Female, regardless of race, or circumstances, your Lives, your Health, your Wealth, your Happiness, your Successes, are always the result of your Mind/Brain/Cellular Programming.

I can’t state this enough.  From Your Minds perspective there are No Right or Wrong Results.

Your Mind and Brain systems are Fool Proof Devices.  They always give you what you request.

Problems arise because their Owners think they told their Mind to do this or that and it didn’t work.

Or it produced the opposite to their desired results.

This can lead to the

“Nothing ever works for Me” command, and sure enough this is their Successful Unwanted Result.

Your Mind/Brain/Cell Brain Systems are Fail Safe, but you can’t work them unless you understand their operating systems and how to successfully operate them.

It appears the Human Races are set up to struggle to succeed, but those who persistently know they will succeed often do.

Think of it this way.  Most of us have compulsions that via Mind/Brain operations produce unwanted results and to avoid or escape these Undesired Results you need Extensive Information or Training to avoid them, and produce your Desired Results.

So, we need a different way of Mind/Brain Operation.

Think of it this way most of us have some form of computers which are modelled on extremely basic brain operation.  Now we are entering the world of Robots which are modelled on a Human body with a computer brain and electronic circuitry, and we possibly think we can’t advance our race without their help and become dependant on them for survival.  However, the point is they will all at some point require input from self to operate successfully.

So, the point is a Robot will require your operating systems to operate their operating systems, and here it is 2018 this New Year and very few people have the realization they all have the most Brilliant Operating Systems all built into their Brain/Body and Cellular Brain Systems.  Further it’s this lack of realization and how to use and apply this Crucial Knowledge that is the major cause of All Positive and Negative Life Experiences Both Personally, and for All the Races of Man and Womankind.

So, what’s missing from our lives.  The answers are Simple.  Most people if not all, haven’t been trained, (and it’s not your Mind/Brain/Body Systems (They are Perfect) it’s You the operator that hasn’t been taught) to know, and how to utilize and operate, your most brilliant Mind brain/body/Systems. Further the Human is not the problem, the Human System is perfection for human life, so it must be you the Operator whose beliefs and training are misusing their Mind/Brain Systems.

The results of these lacks Human System operation knowledge are Horrendous for all life on this planet.  Disease, Injuries, Unhappiness, Accidents, Limitations, Wrong Choices, Relationships, Early Death, Negative Genetic Programs, you name it.  Of course, there is also every Opposite Positive. Health, wealth, Happiness, Longevity, and every form of Success, Right Choice, and Achievement of Desires to name a few.

However, it’s the keeping and expanding of these Successes that is most desired.

Further it is most fortunate that we all have an Autonomic Operating System that runs endlessly night and day and keeps us alive especially while we sleep and usually can’t unknowingly interfere with our body operation. However, this system is also knowingly or unknowingly under our control and can be interfered with and cause problems.  Fortunately, when we sleep it goes back to its prolonging life, so we wake alive and refreshed in most cases.

So, lets think about this.  Why is it that Sleep (for most) allows one to wake refreshed and energised each day?  What’s the difference in your operating systems between your body being asleep or awake. The answer is simple.  Its your Mind or Consciousness States. When your asleep your Conscious or Aware Mind shuts down and your Unconscious Mind takes control and keeps you body alive via your Autonomic Nervous Operating System. This means that while you are sleeping you mostly don’t interfere with your Unconscious Mind operation of your Autonomic System.

So, the Problems that beset Human Existence must mostly arise from Your Use of your Conscious or Awake Mind and You, and only You, (Know it or Not) because you can always choose to think and speak anyway you like are as a result “Totally Responsible for Your Minds Operation and the results ”

Ask Yourself this question. “Who owns my Mind” To achieve the most truthful answer ask: “Who is choosing to Think or Ask this Question”.  Why.  Because there is only one true answer to this Question and this is “I Am” So if you are to Think/Speak some Thought You are the Chooser, and You and Only You, are responsible for that choice and its Positive or Negative Results.

Now ask self a second most important question.  “Can I choose to think anyway I like”. Again, the answer must be “I Am”

Now for the Third Question. So, bearing in Mind that You can choose to Think or Speak any way You choose and are always responsible for these choices of thought and speech and their results.

Ask: “Who owns My Mind Operating System”.  There is only one answer, and its not your Parents or your Partner, or the Government, or any other. The Answer Is: “I Do”

When you Know and Understand the above Mind Operation Information you are on the True Path to Mind/Body “Self-Empowerment”.  Why! Because the Operation of your Mind controls your Body “Light Field” and your Light Field doesn’t just control and direct your body health and longevity it also projects out from you and controls your life circumstances.

Your “Light Field” attracts your Partners, your wealth, your Happiness and Enjoyment, everything you experience in your life is the result of instructions you have Knowingly or Unknowingly given your Mind/Body Systems via your Thoughts and Words, and the resultant frequency changes that knowingly or unknowingly you created, and will Create in the Light Fields that are the framework of not only your Physical Body but Your In Body Existence

Therefore, it is Extremely Important that you Understand and apply the information in this article if you desire to be fully in control of your life.

Just a note Regarding Robots. Perhaps after reading and understanding this article you can Realise that You are the Operator of Your Physical Mind/Body Systems described in this article.  Therefore, as such You already own the Most Powerful Bio Robot and its Mind/Brain/Body Operating Systems. It’s just that somewhere, somehow, someone, Lost, or failed to pass on, Your In Body Operating Manuel. This article is part of Your Mind/Body Operation Manuel

This article and its contents are © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved in Any Media Form. to John Moynihan Access Therapy Clinic 42 Gorrie Road Upper Hutt New Zealand 5317. You can contact John by Phone: 64 4 5285429 Mail:   Web Site: Epigenetic


Self Empowering and Lasting  Positive Results

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to all my friends on Facebook.

May you all live longer, Healthy, Prosperous, Lives.

To help you achieve and maintain the above, I have recently designed, and successfully tested, my latest Epigenetic Cellular DNA Reprogramming.

This can produce amazing  Self Empowering and Lasting  Positive Results, and not just Mentally but Physically.

It can be particularly helpful if you are experiencing frustrating repetitive problems despite your best efforts to overcome them.

These could be the ones that fail to respond to the various treatment forms your using and remain active or reoccur.

The Probably Main Reason for this is because your Mind/Brain and Trillions of Body Cell Brains all have computer like operating systems just like your Laptop, and all your Thoughts and Words, (Words are spoken Thoughts) are faithfully recorded and followed as commands.

The problem with our operating systems is, that like your laptop your words and thoughts are not recorded logically but literally, and our languages are based on Taught Logic.

Now there is nothing wrong with our Logic Based Language Systems except that your Bio Computer Brain and Trillions of Cell Brains cannot fully safely operate on a logic system. “Why” Because logic makes assumptions. “I hate being Overweight” Means you should be successfully larger and hate it.

Your Inner Mind Operating Systems which include your Autonomic Nervous System, the system that is keeping you breathing right now , and keeps you alive while your sleeping.  It cannot “know what you mean” or hope or wish etc., it faithfully follows your Genetic Programming, Plus every thought that you think , and the words you speak.

So thoughts and words that you think and speak logically can be interpreted, and taken literally despite your personal meanings you assign to them, and here is where lies the greatest problem for humanity.

E.G.: “Ill fail” Mind/Brain operating system Response “You should successfully fail”  “Nothing ever goes right for me etc.” Response: “Things should go wrong in some fashion, so they do” “ A Worrier is even more successfully unfortunate as they are mostly unknowingly Instructing their System to repetitively  produce some Detrimental to Self,  usually unwanted results:  Your present states of mind, Your Health, Your quality of Life, even Your longevity depends on Your operating system.  You and only You Control your Mind  with your thinking and speaking .

Therefore because “You can Choose to Think and Speak any way you choose“  You are the operator of Your Mind/Brain/Body Systems’’.

Note: This article doesn’t just apply to Mind Problems, but Physical Body Problems, Injuries, Sickness, etc. .  If you understand and apply the knowledge in this article you can knowingly, Self Awarely, operate your Mind /Brain/Body systems, and  can enjoy a Long, Healthy,Prosperous, Life.

If you wish more information, on any of the above, or wish to discuss a problem, Please feel free to contact me. Information Calls are Free.

My Phone Number is 64 4 5285429   Mail: Web: Life Reprogramming

Note: This article is © Copyright 2017 to John Moynihan Access Therapy Clinics Upper Hutt NZ.

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This is the latest Designer Therapy from the mind of Master Hypnotic Programmer John Moynihan.

So what is it?

Mind Tweaking is an extremely efficient, fast, Cost Affordable Mind/Brain Reprograming Process, which uses Short, Hi Intensity, and Designer Hypnotic Programing Sessions, to beneficially access a client’s Mind/Brain history files and make virtually Instant history changes.

Sessions usually only take half an hour although they can be extended to an hour if the clients problems require extra time.

This cuts down client cost and make sessions extremely affordable.

Now Get this. The Mind Tweak Therapy can virtually Help any client whether they have been to see John previously or are first time clients because it can easily access any past recorded Mind/Brain program and change and or reactivate this program to produce desired present and future results.

For Example: Fear Tweaks can cancel fears through time from their original cause, and replace that fear history with fearlessness seeded from that original cause, to produce a fearless history for their old problem and thus and ongoing fearless backed positive outcome in their present and future.

Even more exciting is that any previous therapy from any source, including the positive or negative results experienced through time results, from that past therapy, from any source, can be Tweaked to erase any negative effects and instead produce ongoing, past based, Positive effects in clients Present and Future history.

This could also extend to necessary medications that have, or might produce, unwanted side effects being Mind Tweaked so that the client can take the medication and reap its desired positive benefits without negative side effects sabotaging the medications benefits.  from Mind Tweak Therapy.

Listed below are a number of possible benefits that could be easily obtained from “Mind Tweak Therapy”.

Fast Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Tweaks. Support Tweaks. Sport Playing Enhancement Tweaks. Medical Tweaks. Stress, Anxiety and Panic Relief Tweaks. Confidence Tweaks. Love Tweaks.

Most other Problems listed on this site can also be tweaked to produce further fast, ongoing positive, Client Benefits . In fact any problem can be further beneficially positively Tweaked.

Note: Mind Therapy Tweaking is designed as a fast cost effective Therapy Support system. Therefore it does not replace the other Necessarily more Intensive therapies listed on this site, but it can provide fast, further support, so as to further add to the successful results produced by the other Therapeutic Change Technologies listed on this site.

Please feel free to call or mail John for more information about your specific problem or problems, and how they could be best attended to with the fast, cost effective, Mind Tweak Therapy.

Phone: NZ: 04 528 5429. International: 64 4 5285429.
Mail: Site:
Mind Tweaking and Mind Teak Therapy are © copyright 2014 all rights reserved to
John Moynihan AccessTherapy Clinic 42 Gorrie Rd Upper Hutt NZ.

“News Flash” Scientists find secret of reversing bad memories


“News Flash”

Scientists find secret of reversing bad memories

Bad memories could be reversed after scientists discovered

the part of the brain which links emotions to past events


I’ve been Successfully doing this for about the last 15 Years.

Its called “Life Reprogramming”

Friday 29 August 2014

Scientists find secret of reversing bad memories

Bad memories could be reversed after scientists discovered the part of the brain which links emotions to past events

Scientists at MIT have discovered which part of the brain controls bad memories and how to reverse them  – By Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent  6:00PM BST 27 Aug 2014

Bad memories of past trauma can leave people emotionally scarred for life.

But now neuroscientists believe they can erase feelings of fear or anxiety attached to stressful events, in a breakthrough which could help treat depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Researchers at MIT, US, have discovered which brain circuits attach emotions to memories, and crucially, how to reverse the link.

They managed to ‘switch off’ feelings of fear in mice which had been conditioned to feel anxious. It is likely the same technique could be used in humans.

“In our day to day lives we encounter a variety of events and episodes that give positive or negative impact to our emotions,” said Susuma Tonegawa, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience at the Riken-MIT Centre for Neural Circuit Genetics.

“If you are mugged late at night in a dark alley you are terrified and have a strong fear memory and never want to go back to that alley.”

“On the other hand if you have a great vacation, say on a Caribbean island, you also remember it for your lifetime and repeatedly recall that memory to enjoy the experience.

“So emotions are intimately associated with memory of past events. And yet the emotional value of the memory is malleable. Recalling a memory is not like playing a tape recorder. Rather it is like a creative process.

“The circuits seem to be very similar between human and mice when it comes to memory formations and the emotions of memories. So a similar technology could be available for humans.”

Memories are made of many elements, which are stored in different parts of the brain. The context of a memory, such as the location and time that the event took place, is stored in cells in the hippocampus, while emotions linked to that memory are found in the amygdala.

They then showed that by stimulating the neurons associated with the opposite emotion they could reverse the feeling attached to the memory.

“We found that we can dictate the overall emotion and the direction of the memory.” added Prof Tonegawa, “We could switch the mouse’s memory from positive to negative and negative to positive.”

The brain cells are triggered by a technique called optogentics which uses pulses of blue light to trigger the neurons into firing.

Previous studies have shown that memories can change over time as recollections become more vague or events that never happened are remembered. Behavioral therapists often take patients back to a traumatic event and ‘rewire’ their

“But this is the first time that scientists have shown which brain circuits are responsible for positive and negative emotions, and reversed them.”

Professor Richard Morris at the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems at the University of Edinburgh said: “We often believe that our memories are accurate, but in fact they are malleable.

“The memory of a romantic first date with a partner may take on a different mood when the relationship falters. That of a favourite family beach in summer may be destroyed after witnessing a swimming tragedy

“Molecular engineering is shedding light on our understanding of the underlying physiological networks of memory.”

– Guess WHAT ? –

“The researchers are hopeful it could lead to a cure for depression or post-traumatic stress disorder without the need for medication.”

This what John Moynihan can do for you ..

“It’s not something we can do next week, but we are now developing a variety of methods to try to target the stimulation of the human brain cells,” added Prof Tonegawa.

“Instead of going inside the brain you stimulate from the surface of the brain which would be less invasive.

“I want to make it clear that we have no not to use this technology in order to alter normal healthy people’s mind or cognition. That we should not do. If there is any application in human it would be for pathological conditions.”

The research was published in the journal Nature.