“Cellular Rejuvenation Reprogramming”

Cellular Rejuvenation is a Natural Process that is constantly occurring throughout your Body Life. Also you are knowingly or unknowingly directing this Process for better or worse with your Positive and Negative Thoughts and Actions.

(See the Robot Data) Every Cell that makes up your body has a library that contains its Genetic Codes or Programs and a Cellular Brain to access and utilize this Library.  As each Body and Its Cells is following a Time Line, Cellular Data is filed according to Time.

This means that it is Possible to Direct the Body and Cellular Brains to Access the Records of One’s Body Cell Make-Up from a chosen Younger perhaps more Healthier Age, and have your Mind/Brain/and Cells Rebuild your Body to those Younger Healthier Plans.

This Process is of course Highly Experimental and Results take Time to Show. However one Can, and Does, control Cells and Body with Mind and obviously can successfully Damage and Destroy them so why not use Reprogramming Technologies to Heal, De-Age, and Prolong Cellular and Body Life.

(See Directed “Life Reprogramming)





“MANS” Mind creates with the energies of the universe, his birthright:

The Universe is energy in motion. This Energy, responding to the thoughts of the mind of man, forms itself into patterns, vibrating at many different levels, and rates called frequency. What is termed matter is energy vibrating at a relatively slow, or gross frequency.

Electromagnetic frequencies display themselves as light, as x/rays. as cosmic rays etc. These are energy vibrating more rapidly than energy we perceive as matter. There are variations as to the degree of fineness of energy, but all energy is one.

Sound is energy. Thought, and the units of consciousness it directs, is also energy at still finer frequencies.

All physical, and psychic phenomena are the result of energy patterns formed from the mind of man, utilizing his god given heritage, his creative right, directed by “Whether he is conscious of it or not”. His free will.

Mans right to create, always extend to himself first. He is always his first field of operation, negative or positive, although because creativity means survival, he is always slightly positively balanced.

This also means that his second field of Operation, the universe is relatively safe, as what he creates with the universes energy, reflects back on his first field of operation, Himself.

“NOTE” The above statement will apply, as long as the race as a whole, needs a physical body to experience its creativity rights.

Because of energies place as the medium of creativity, energy behaves the same way whether it is operating at cellular level, or at the level of solar systems or planets. (Mind Energy Directs and Controls Cell Energy) Cells can do three things with energy: They can Store it. They Can Transmit it. and they can can reproduce themselves to do it again, just as man whose physical body, is composed of millions and millions of cells does. Planets and galaxies follow the same three energy patterns.

Energy is stored, transmitted, and reproduced, all according to the same basic laws. This noted in the ancient hermetic quote “As Within so Without”. The Mind of man exercising its creative right, through free will, is the source of all health, wealth, happiness, success, etc, and again because of free will acting on belief systems, illness, poverty, unhappiness, etc.

“ONE” of the pathways to regain conscious control, over your desired direction is the process called “CELLULAR HYPNOSIS”. This process, by removing the self created stresses, that oppose your desire at mind and body levels, allows the mind and body cell structure to harmonize.

Thus insuring a positive, unopposed, creative desire, to be activated.