For a long time as a Clinical Cellectrologist I have been researching and experimenting with changing the Cellular Programming in Damaged Body Part Cell Libraries that have prevented the faster healing and possibly full restoration of the damaged Body part to its previous fully healed state.

This work requires that one must Restore the formative Light Field of the Cell or Cells as well as changing the Records in their nucleolus that have have resulted from  the body part damages, back to their original pre damaged states.

This research started many years ago when on a visit to USA I purchased a Light Field Camera and discovered that a client could change their Light Field simply by thinking. E.G.: Have the client think negatively of their problem could produce dark or dirty Light Field colourings.

Have the Client think Positively, such as “ Think you’ve Won a Major Lottery” Light Field would change to a Bright Yellow.

This and other tests  showed me physical proof of what has long been known, that you can change your Body Field including

Cellular Body Part fields simply by thinking, and I built this into my Mind and Cellular Reprogramming Therapy Work.

For Many Years I have been using an Extremely Successful Smoking Cessation Process for which because of its successful results I gave my clients, and still do, a Five Year Backup Guarantee. This allowed me to research Clients who went back to smoking for their reasons for restarting their old habit and I discovered that one of the main reasons was our Brain Structure with its Right and Left sides. This Right Left Brain structure with its central wall has many uses including that of a Data backup system so that Data can be filed in both sides of the brain. Thus if one side of the brain is damaged the Other side can keep the person alive while the damaged side is possibly restored and then the stored data transferred back to the repaired Brain Side.  So if I cancelled Smoking habits in one side of the brain, the other side could easily restore their smoking habits. Then thanks to various Brain Research I found that according to university researchers we have roughly 37.2 trillion cells in the average body and each has a brain and cellular library containing Data in its cell and cell Light Field, and further taking into account Cell Cloning this data could also be copied by ever cell in the body.  So to Have my Smoking Cessation  become even more successful I made further adjustments to My Successful Smoking Cessation Mind Body Reprogramming. One of these suggestions is that the Client as an Ex Smoker Improve their health in various ways. This together with other modifications I made began to produce Surprising Instant Client Positive Results.  Not only did the clients Become Ex Smokers but Injuries they came in the door with suddenly improved so that a client on a crutch could suddenly walk without it, and another clients 10 Year old Neck injuries, that prevented painless head movement disappeared. Old arm and body movement restrictions were restored to full or near full movement, and various health problems in numerous Clients also disappeared.

Note:  I did not know that the clients had their previous problems until i after their sessions.

Since this time I have specifically used my Cellular and Light Field  Reprogramming for Numerous Clients to continue to improve their Lives.

Note: The above therapy data and processes listed above, are © Copyright All Rights Reserved, to J Moynihan Gorrie Rd  Upper Hutt NZ.

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Life Reprogramming Is the No 1. Process that in various ways supports all of the Therapies and Techniques listed on this Web Site.

This Brilliant Mind Reprogramming Technology has the Clients Unconscious Mind travel back in Time to just before the Original Cause of any Problem and Neutralize All Negative Results from the Original Cause of the Problem or Problems right up to the Present Time of the Therapy.

In most cases this will involve the Unconscious Mindpossibly Neutralizing Trillions, if not Even More Files, and Bits of Data through Time that resulted in their Problems. The Time Path of the Client is then Reseeded to Produce and Maintain their Desired New Outcome Results.

The Clients Unconscious will also give them the Age they were, when they first loaded the Original Cause of their Problem or Problems in Their Brain.  Interestingly often the Age Given is Zero signifying that their future Limiting Programs were Loaded in their Brain before Birth:


Re-engineering your life for an ongoing successful future

The Most SUCCESSFUL PROCESS for any problems

  • Slimming
  • Gambling
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Insomnia
  • Memory
  • Public Speaking
  • Phobias
  • Abuse
  • Personal / Emotional Pain

HYPNOTIC LIFE REPROGRAMMING” uses a specific user friendly altered state to gain access to the clients Unconscious Mind, and within this state, Design Human Engineering technology’s to alter, erase, and or replace, the existing Unconscious Programming that produce the clients experienced, unwanted results, with new Programs that can produce desired results.

Please Note: “Hypnotic Reprogramming” is individually tailored to each’s clients unique needs.


Re-engineering your life for an ongoing successful future

“HYPNOTIC LIFE REPROGRAMMING” uses a specific user friendly altered state to gain access to the clients Unconscious Mind, and within this state, Design Human Engineering technology’s to alter, erase, and or replace, the existing Unconscious Programming that produce the clients experienced, unwanted results, with new programs that can produce desired results.

Please Note: “Hypnotic Reprogramming” is individually tailored to each’s clients unique needs.

Because Hypnotic Programming can change the Clients Unconscious Mind Recorded history, as far as negative or unwanted present time habits or problems, the results can remain highly successful. The Reprogramming enables Past Time manipulation to change Present Time unwanted results.

And example of this would be like a Time Traveler traveling back in time and accidentally standing on an ant thus causing future changes in the Ant population.

“Life Hypnotic Reprogramming” is extremely cost effective because it can be aimed at one specific problem or a variety of problems, and can also change the supporting or associated negative programs. This Produces even More positive support for the desired change or changes, and can benefit the client in various other life areas.

EG: A person lacks confidence. this lack can be in specific life areas such as speaking in front of an audience, or in many other life areas. Supporting the lacks of confidence can be other negative programs, such as failing to speak up when necessary, vitimizing programs, lacks of self esteem, programs to feel bad, worry programs that produce anxiety and panic attacks, and all these programs with their causes and results can be altered. These alterations can go right back in time in the clients history to the first time their brain recorded an event to produce their future unwanted results. Only when this event and it’s subsequent unwanted results are canceled through time, can the new positive programs be seeded through the clients history in their place, so that they can produce ongoing desired results.

In essence every Mind/Body problem, from physical health problems to habits such as overeating or smoking can require various degrees of “Life Reprogramming” to produce successful results.

“Hypnotic Programming” takes four sessions and requires that a personally tailored program be written. At the first session the problem histories are gathered from all of the clients life areas. EG: Using lacks of confidence. Lacks of Confidence from childhood, including the initial start and its cause or causes. (Note: your Unconscious has every event filed and coded in linear time in your brain, and can easily find long Conscious Mind forgotten events, it can give you the age you were and the circumstances when you first recorded any program.) lacks of confidence from Pre School and school, from other learning areas, lacks of confidence in social life, sports, relationships,work, etc. This first session lays out the life time line to be changed, then new replacement programs are constructed that can be seeded throughout the clients past to replace the unwanted programs when they are cancelled and can thus produce ongoing successful results. The new programs will also include technology and instructions so that the clients Unconscious can keep the new positive programming. So the new programs can in effect self correct. A program is also constructed to release stress if the client experiences future situations that once would have produced the old reactions. The personal constructions of the deprogramming and reprogramming changes takes approx 1 hour.

The second session which usually follows a few days later, installs the programming which can change the clients past promote their desired future. This also takes approx 1 hour. NOTE: the changes can start at the 1st session but more obviously from the 2nd. After testing the changes the client is instructed to spend about two weeks continuing to test and experience the various differences that can appear in their life.

The third session which is approx half an hour checks on the results from the 2nd session, and then refreshers or makes any desired alterations to the programming. The client continues to experience and test the desired changes for about another 3 weeks or so as to be sure they are getting what they want.

At the fourth session which is also about half an hour any other changes or adjustments can be made and their new Programming can seeded and locked into their future so they continue to experience ongoing successful results.

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