These Beads are an Extremely Useful Self Programming, Fast Manifestation, Tool. They can be used to further enhance the “Self Reprogramming” Brain Installed App, (described previously) or separately to install Time Distorted, Multiple Replication Desired Programs in your Brain. The Beads consist of 17 standard beads and one larger Master Program Bead making a total of 18 Beads (Operating the Law of 9)

In standard form they are supplied in Plastic but they can also be supplied in a variety of crystalline materials Price depending on the type of crystal used.

Like the “Self Reprogramming” process the “Mind Manifestation Bead” Operating System also requires Installation of Time Distortion, Multiple Replication Brain Programs.  This Brain Software can be installed Personally by John at his Clinic, or by Phone or Online Appointment, as well as by a Purchased, Self Applied,  Brain Programming app.

Full User Instructions (Including Basic Formulas for Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness) are supplied with each Mind Bead set.

Specifically Tailored Formulas to erase various Negativities as well as Formulas to Promote desired Positive Manifestations, can be supplied for a small fee.
For Further Information, Appointments, Extra Formulas or Self Installing app Purchase,

Contact John by Phone: International 64 4 5285429. NZ: 04 528 5429.
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For Information on Time Distortion and Multiple Replication Programming (See Below)