The Mind and Successful Smoking Cessation

The Mind and Successful Smoking Cessation


By Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguist Programmer, Design Human Engineer


There are many reasons why people smoke and many reasons why people cannot give up smoking.

There are also many ways for people to stop smoking.

However all the reasons and ways have one thing in common; they all involve the use of the mind and the appropriate brain circuitry.

Therefore unless the Smoking Cessation method you, (whether the method involves Will Power, taking a Pill, sticking on a Patch, or using some other sort of replacement substance or therapy) involves both correct mind direction, and changes of brain circuitry, that method is unlikely to be permanently successful.

Before I explain how correct direction of your mind and changing brain circuitry can give you Successful and Permanent Smoking Cessation, it is useful to have some understanding of Mind/Brain operation.

The Mind has two parts Conscious and Unconscious as well as Infallible two level recording abilities. It Faithfully records everything you physically experience with your body senses of sight sound taste smell and feeling, and also just as faithfully records your thoughts about those experiences, as you experience them, and stores both lots of information in brain circuitry as Emotionally Toned Images.

Thus your mind recordings are labelled by your thoughts and beliefs and become Programmes , and when you think you are using your mind to direct your brain to carry out the appropriate programmes .

However their can often be a miscommunication between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind which instructs the opposite effect from that desired, this miscommunication arises because the person uses their conscious mind with logic, whereas the unconscious mind processes the logically given instruction in the form of “Emotionally Toned Images”.

Therefore if the person thinks or says he will use “Will Power” or some other method and try and stop smoking he will be instructing his unconscious with “Emotionally Toned Image of him smoking trying, or struggling to stop, and trigger the brain programme of continuing to smoke and continuing to struggle to stop. This correct but unwanted result will also convince the person that he lacks “Will Power” and is caught up in a viscous addictive habit.

If the person thinks “I AM AN EX SMOKER” they will be directing their unconscious mind with an image of them having been a smoker in the past, which will reinforce their desire to remain an Ex Smoker. NOTE: avoid the term “Non Smoker” which will again give unconscious images of smoking.

To Become and remain a permanent ex smoker it is necessary to give the correct instructions to your unconscious (as above) and also remove all recorded smoking programmes from the Mind/Body circuits. It is then necessary to replace the smoking programmes with self perpetuating ex smoking programmes.

For this work to be accomplished the person is placed in a pleasant light hypnotic state to gain access to their unconscious, which is then instructed to employ various mind technologies to locate and erase all recorded smoking programmes, all reasons and purposes for smoking including health problems, and all associated withdrawal symptoms and possible replacements behaviors, such as replacing smoking with eating.

The brain circuitry that used to cause smoking is then reprogrammed for “Happier Healthier Fitter Ex Smoking” and locked in on its self to perpetuate the person remaining an Ex Smoker throughout their life.

The Person is then brought out of the Hypnotic state and their Ex Smoking process tested.

The “No1 SMOKING CESSATION PROCESS” Comes with a 5 Year Back Up Warranty and is installed on to one at a cost of $225 (Incl GST)