Specialist Therapies

Specialist Therapies Available

The Following List Represents the Current Therapies, Techniques, Technologies & Devices, Developed Tested and Successfully Applied over Many Years by John.
It Also Includes Many New Discoveries Developments and Applications of
Mind/Brain/Body/Cellular Change Technologies.
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This Exclusive Smoking Cessation Process which I consider to be one of the most successful Smoking Cessation Processes in the World always comes with a Five Year backup Guarantee.  I have successfully applied this process over 40 Years to Thousands of Clients

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Note: Emphysema and other Smoking Related Illnesses can be helped with the “Life Reprogramming Process” Tailored for Health Problems.”


This User Friendly, Highly Innovative Brain Installed Technology, replaces the older Self Hypnosis. It includes Johns Exclusive Brain app Technology, © and can also be Purchased and Installed by self in app Form.

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These Beads are an Extremely Useful Self Programming, Fast Manifestation, Tool. They can be used to further enhance the “Self Reprogramming” Brain Installed app, (described previously) or separately to install Time Distorted, Multiple Replication Desired Programs in your Brain when you use the appropriate Brain Installed code.

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This is also an Extremely Useful Brain Installed Process used for Brain Program Replication. It is installed at Part 2 0f the “Self Reprogramming“ process for Multiple Positive Replication and Enhancement of a desired Positive Outcome.

And also as part of the “Mind Reprogramming Beads” Technology.

”Time Distortion can also be applied to enhance other Positive Mind/Brain/Body Processes.”

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This Cutting Edge Therapy Uses the Body Light Field or Aura that exists as a Vibrational Frequency around all perceived objects including Plants Animals and Humans to make fast physical changes to that Humans Experience.

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All Mind/Brain Programs have some of degree of positive and negative Emotional Coding. This Process takes out only the Negative Emotionally Coded Programming right back through time to before its cause and replaces this coding with its opposite Positive Programming.

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All Persons Have Inner Genius stored in their Unconscious Mind and the Energy Field around them.  To access the field and the knowledge it contains or to gain access to other Knowledge outside their Energy Field. This Important Process Requires installation of “Life and Full Self Reprogramming”

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All Body Cells have a Brain, Your Body Brain or Master Brain, communicates to your Cellular Brains through the body nervous system but more importantly through the body and group, or individual cells Light Fields. Now as you can change the Color or Frequency of your Light Field by thinking this means you can control or Reprogram your bodies Cell or Cellular States. Which is an extremely important part of any desired healing.

NOTE: This Process is used to assist body healing it does replace any need for Doctor Consultation or Necessary Medical Interventions.

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Self Replication, is an Extremely Important part of all Mind/Brain/Body Reprogramming Changes and Healings. Repetition and Replication is the way that Positive or Negative Mind/Brain/Body and Life Experiences are Successfully Mentally and Physically Created and Maintained for Better or Worse.  Unfortunately the most used form of Self Instructed Replication (As opposed to Genetic Replication) is Negative via Worrying.

Self Replicating, Time Distorted, Positive Programming Can Reverse Worry Created, Negative Outcomes, and  produce Fast Desired Positive Results.

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Life Reprogramming Is the No 1. Process that in various ways supports all of the Therapies and Techniques listed on this Web Site. This Brilliant Mind Reprogramming Technology has the Clients Unconscious Mind travel back in Time to just before the Original Cause of any Problem and Neutralize All Negative Results from the Original Cause of the Problem or Problems right up to the Present Time of the Therapy.  In most cases this will involve the Unconscious Mindpossibly Neutralizing Trillions,

if not Even More Files, and Bits of Data through Time that resulted in their Problems. The Time Path of the Client is then Reseeded to Produce and Maintain their Desired New Outcome Results. The Clients Unconscious will also give them the Age they were, when they first loaded the Original Cause of their Problem or Problems in Their Brain.  Interestingly often the Age Given is Zero signifying that their future Limiting Programs were Loaded in their Brain before Birth:

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This Process which is part of “Life Reprogramming” Can change the Vibrational Frequency of a Clients Energy Field that would have manifested some Undesired Future Outcome to the Frequency of a Desired Outcome. This changes their Time Coded Possibility Field and reinforces a Desired Outcome.

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It’s Often Necessary to change the vibrational Frequency that is the stored in the Body Light Field and forms the Template from which the life experiences are formed. This can Insure that erased Programs cannot reform.  This Process is Important as Successful Positive or Negative Programs are dependent on Frequency Vibration for their Mental and Physical Manifestations. This Process can be utilized with “Life Reprogramming” and other Change Technologies:

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This is an Exotic & Unique Form of Time Travel it has long been known that one’s Mind is not constrained by Time. This Process requires Specific Trance Training. It is Highly Experimental and uses a tuned, Inward Revolving Vortex.

The Process can Produce some Very Interesting Results

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Cellular Rejuvenation is a Natural Process that is constantly occurring throughout your Body Life. Also you are knowingly or unknowingly directing this Process for better or worse with your Positive and Negative Thoughts and Actions.  (See the Robot Data) Every Cell that makes up your body has a library that contains its Genetic Codes or Programs and a Cellular Brain to access and utilize this Library.  As each Body and Its Cells is following a Time Line, Cellular Data is filed according to Time. This means that it is Possible to Direct the Body and Cellular Brains to Access the Records of One’s Body Cell Make-Up from a chosen Younger perhaps more Healthier Age, and have your Mind/Brain/and Cells Rebuild your Body to those Younger Healthier Plans. This Process is of course Highly Experimental and Results take Time to Show. However one Can, and Does, control Cells and Body with Mind and obviously can successfully Damage and Destroy them so why not use Reprogramming Technologies to Heal, De-Age, and Prolong Cellular and Body Life.

(See Directed “Life Reprogramming)


Hypnotic Counseling uses Fast Change Mind Reprogramming Technologies that can Immediately Alleviate Stress and Mind Trauma Experiences.

This can give a client the Emotional Relief and the Opportunity to stresslessly engage in more Intensive, Multiple Solution Therapies, as listed on this Site.

Note” Emergency Hypnotic Counselling can be also done by Phone.
( Call John: 64 4 528 5429 or Mail: vortex@xtra.co.nz )

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