This User Friendly, Highly Innovative Brain Installed Technology, replaces the older Self Hypnosis.  It takes two sessions.  One to Teach the Client about, and how, to use the Process and its Triggers, which are then Installed in the Clients Brain and Tested by The Client.  Brain Trigger Formulas are also given to the Client to Experiment with until the Second Session.

At the Follow up Session (after Client Feed Back) further Information and Mind Change Formulas are given to the Client to meet their requirements, and they are Taught how to Write Their Own Programs.
A Second Code is then installed in their Brain that can Utilize a “Time Distortion” (Click for Time Distortion Info) To Reinforce Any Positive Program 10 times 10 which is One Hundred Replication Reinforcements.

It is worth noting that Rote or Repetitive Learning is the Basis of All Our Learning Systems. If you think or say something Once it is recorded by the Brain. If you Think or say something repetitively Thousands of Times it will not only be recorded, but possibly Automatically Mentally and Physically applied by the Mind/Brain and Mentally and Physically Manifested in various Health and Life Circumstances.  An example of unwanted programming being successfully carried out by your Brain is the various negative manifestations caused by Worry.

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Note: The “Self Reprogramming Process” is installed at the first session so that it will only change the Clients Negative Programs and Beliefs into Their Opposite Positive Programs and Beliefs.
The Mind/Brain can be Blocked from either accidentally or deliberately changing their considered Positive Programs into Negative Programs.

This Process is “Highly Recommend” for everyone as once installed, and Used Repetitively, the Client can always Positively Control Most Aspects of their life, Throughout Their Life.

For further Information, Appointments, or Purchase, Including App Purchase,   You can contact John via Mail at vortex@xtra.co.nz or Phone 64 4 5285429.