Therapies Techniques and Technologies ~ Part 2~


The “No 1. SMOKING CESSATION” Process. ©

This Exclusive Smoking Cessation Process which I consider to be one of the most successful Smoking Cessation Processes in the world, always comes with a Five Year Backup Guarantee.  This Proven Highly Successful Process can take out all the Causes and Reasons for one’s smoking habit, and Replace them with an Automatic, Self-Replicating Brain Installed Switch that continues to maintain and Auto Reinforce the Clients New “Ex Smoking” Programs.  Other Outlets for Stress other than Smoking are also Installed and The Clients Mind Is Instructed to Avoid Replacing Smoking with Eating or other unwanted Habits.

 I have successfully applied this process over 40 Years to Thousands of Clients.

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Note: Emphysema and other Smoking Related Illnesses can be Helped with the “Life Reprogramming Process” Tailored for Health Problems.”


This User Friendly, Highly Innovative Brain Installed Technology, replaces the older self hypnosis.  It takes two sessions.  One to teach the client about, and how, to use the process and its Triggers, which are then Installed in the Clients Brain and tested by the client.  Brain Trigger Formulas are also given to the client to experiment with until the second session.

At the Follow up Session (after client feed back) further Information and Mind Change Formulas are given to the client to meet their requirements, and they are taught how to write their own programs.

A Second Code is then installed in their Brain that can Utilize a “Time Distortion” (Click for Time Distortion Info) To Reinforce Any Positive Program 10 times 10 which is One Hundred Replication Reinforcements.

It is worth noting that Rote or Repetitive Learning is the Basis of All Our Learning Systems. If you think or say something Once it is recorded by the Brain. If you think or say something repetitively Thousands of Times it will not only be recorded, but possibly automatically Mentally and Physically applied by the Mind/Brain and Mentally and Physically Manifested in various Health and Life Circumstances.  An example of unwanted programming being successfully carried out by your brain is the various negative manifestations caused by Worry. (Click to Read the Robot Data)

Note: The “Self Reprogramming Process” is installed at the first session so that it will only change the Clients Negative Programs and Beliefs into Their Opposite Positive Programs and Beliefs.

The Mind/Brain can be Blocked from either accidentally or deliberately changing their considered positive programs into negative programs.

This Process is “Highly Recommend” for Everyone as once installed, and Used Repetitively, the Client can always Positively Control Most Aspects of their life, Throughout Their Life.

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These Beads are an Extremely Useful, Self Programming, Fast Manifestation, Tool. They can be used to further enhance the “Self Reprogramming” Brain Installed app, (described previously) or separately to install Time Distorted, Multiple Replication Desired Programs in your brain. The Beads consist of 17 standard beads and one larger Master Program Bead making a total of          18 Beads (Operating the Law of 9)

In standard form they are supplied in Plastic but they can also be supplied in a variety of crystalline materials price depending on the type of crystal used.

Like the “Self Reprogramming” process the “Mind Manifestation Bead” Operating System also requires Installation of Time Distortion, Multiple Replication Brain Programs.  This Brain Software can be installed personally by John at his Clinic, or by Phone or Online Appointment, as well as by a Purchased, Self Applied,  Brain Programming app.

Full User Instructions (Including Basic Formulas for Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness) are supplied with each Mind Bead set.

Specifically Tailored Formulas to erase various Negativities as well as Formulas to promote desired Positive Manifestations, can be supplied for a small fee.

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Time Distortion is a natural but generally Unknown function of all Minds. A common example of Time Distortion occurs each night in Dream States.  Every person, whether they are aware of dreaming or not, dreams in sleep states.  Indeed dreaming is an essential function for one’s mental health. When you are dreaming you are not in conscious mind linear time.  This allows the Mind to process vast amounts of daily information in Timeless states.

An Example of Dream “Time Distortion” would be where a sleeping person travels to another country and meets up with friends at a party, has a great time, fly’s back home and then wakes up and looks at their bedside clock and realizes only five minute have passed since they fell asleep.  Yet in their dream it felt like they did all of the dream events in real time which would have taken at least a week of real time allowing for Flights, Parties. Etc.                This is a natural and common example of Time Distortion.

 Multiple Replication: Our main method of learning is Rote or Repetitive Learning so that the more often we study pages of notes or repeat Information the more likely it will stay prominent in our brain for easy recall or to instruct Mind/Brain/Body to carry out some desired instructions.  It is therefore extremely useful to program a Brain to utilize its natural ability of Time Distortion to virtually install thousands of repetitive positive suggestions to produce fast and permanent desired results.

Self Reprogramming Technologies, Mind Manifestation Beads, and Other listed Therapies on this site can use Self Replicating Time Distortion Programming to Insure their success. “Smoking Cessation” which has a 5 Year Backup Guarantee uses Self Replication Technology .

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This Cutting Edge Therapy uses the Body Light Field or Aura that exists as a vibrational frequency around all perceived objects including Plants Animals and Humans to make fast physical changes to that humans experience.

Note: Each Persons Light Body also contains the Frequency Mold for their Brain and Physical Body as well as the Emotional Frequency Records of their Mind/Brain/Body and Cellular physical experiences.

These Frequency Records are stored in ones Light Body Field, and vibrate at higher vibrational frequencies that are mostly invisible to the human eye. However they also include the Mentally and Physically Felt emotional frequencies of each Persons Positive or Negative Experiences. Also the Brain which can be likened to a Bio Computer, also keeps in its neuronal files a complete record of the Total Bodies Light field Data including the energy field vibration, and physical state, of every cell in your body including its own cellular and field structures.

So the Feeling Frequencies that can be physically felt by each person in their Bodies Solar Plexus as Good or Bad, are their guide to the existence of, and the frequency or vibration of their Light Field.   When you change or cancel Negative feelings in Your Light Field and replace them with Positive Desired Feelings, you also change them in your Brain and Physical Body which are contained within your Light Body Field.                                                           When you use a basic favorite color to locate a negatively felt vibration in the Light Field that surrounds your brain, the favorite color, which for you will have good feeling, will aggravate the negative field and you will easily feel this enhanced aggravation in your Stomach Plexus.

The favorite Color frequency can then be used to move the aggravated negative Brain field frequency into a previously located within the Brain field, Positive Feeling Frequency, which is then anchored in both sides of the Brain.

The result is virtually instant replacement of Negative Programs with Positive. Hence the client experiences Instant positive change.

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