Time Distortion is a natural but generally Unknown function of all Minds. A common example of Time Distortion occurs each night in Dream States.  Every person, whether they are aware of dreaming or not, dreams in sleep states.  Indeed dreaming is an essential function for one’s mental health. When you are dreaming you are not in conscious mind linear time.  This allows the Mind to process vast amounts of daily information in Timeless states.

An Example of Dream “Time Distortion” would be where a sleeping person travels to another country and meets up with friends at a party, has a great time, fly’s back home and then wakes up and looks at their bedside clock and realizes only five minute have passed since they fell asleep.  Yet in their dream it felt like they did all of the dream events in real time which would have taken at least a week of real time allowing for Flights, Parties. Etc.

This is a natural and common example of Time Distortion.  

Multiple Replication is Our main method of learning is Rote or Repetitive Learning so that the more often we study pages of notes or repeat Information the more likely it will stay prominent in our brain for easy recall or to instruct Mind/Brain/Body to carry out some desired instructions.  It is therefore extremely useful to program a Brain to utilize its natural ability of Time Distortion to virtually install thousands of repetitive positive suggestions to produce fast and permanent desired results.
Self Reprogramming Technologies, Mind Manifestation Beads, and Other listed Therapies on this site can use Self Replicating Time Distortion Programming to Insure their success.

“Smoking Cessation” which has a 5 Year Backup Guarantee uses Self Replication Technology .
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